No Love Allowed: A Novella

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Milly wants what every woman wants, to love and be loved but trying to find it through, a website designed for one-night-stands, is not working, obviously. After failed attempts to discover the magic her cousin Francesca experienced, she gives up her quest and decides to just have fun and live life. Her journey takes her into the arms of Derrell and their instant chemistry leads to immediate sexual gratification but the aftermath leaves much to be desired.

Disappointed, Milly gives the members only site one more chance. There she meets Cory, a man who has her tied in knots who manages to both arouse and frustrate her. What follows is a juggling act of emotions and while Milly tries to figure out what she truly wants and who she wants it with.

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New Year Musings


2016 was wild. Lots of crazy shit happened, least of all I published my first novella No Strings Allowed. I am now on the cusp of publishing the sequel and I thought I would do some reflections before we got too deep in the year for this to be acceptable.

One thing I realized about myself was that I didn’t trust my talent. I didn’t trust that I could finish a project and carry it to the finish line. After I finished No Strings Allowed I. Dragged. My. Feet. It was ridiculous, I should have finished the sequel by September at the latest but I fucked around all summer and then allowed work and school to distract me.

I work full-time, go to school part-time and try to write during whatever is left after spending time with my family. It took some time but with inspiration from other authors I realized that all I needed was time-management and a solid plan.

Smart planning is just good business. That’s another gem I picked up from both my business classes and all my SHE-roes. I bought an adorable planner in December and actively using it helped me to finished book 2 in my series and start on book 3. In fact I’ll be doing a cover reveal for book 2 soon.

2016 was also the year I left the country on vacation for the first time and bought my first new car. I also began the last year of my twenties so there’s that (: .

I have great expectations for the year 2017.