New Year Musings


2016 was wild. Lots of crazy shit happened, least of all I published my first novella No Strings Allowed. I am now on the cusp of publishing the sequel and I thought I would do some reflections before we got too deep in the year for this to be acceptable.

One thing I realized about myself was that I didn’t trust my talent. I didn’t trust that I could finish a project and carry it to the finish line. After I finished No Strings Allowed I. Dragged. My. Feet. It was ridiculous, I should have finished the sequel by September at the latest but I fucked around all summer and then allowed work and school to distract me.

I work full-time, go to school part-time and try to write during whatever is left after spending time with my family. It took some time but with inspiration from other authors I realized that all I needed was time-management and a solid plan.

Smart planning is just good business. That’s another gem I picked up from both my business classes and all my SHE-roes. I bought an adorable planner in December and actively using it helped me to finished book 2 in my series and start on book 3. In fact I’ll be doing a cover reveal for book 2 soon.

2016 was also the year I left the country on vacation for the first time and bought my first new car. I also began the last year of my twenties so there’s that (: .

I have great expectations for the year 2017.

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