To Buy a Vow + Oops!

A funny thing happened today. To Buy a Vow went live on Amazon this morning. What’s that, you say? How is that funny? Oh! Well, it’s funny because only the paperback is live. Yep. If you’ll remember, To Buy a Vow was not slated to be released until March 11th. That was the (intended) date for both the ebook and the paperback. However, I decided to use a different distributor for my paperbacks this go around and, well, I suppose I made the right choice because here we are a week ahead of schedule and my latest is sitting there, just as pretty as can be.
The ebook will still be releasing on March 11th, but for those of you who love the feel of a book in your hand, you can find To Buy a Vow here. I hope you enjoy getting to know Nedra and Jermaine. Oh, and be sure to do an indie author a solid by leaving a rating and review on Amazon or Goodreads when you finish. Those mean more than you know. 
Happy reading!