Sample Sunday: Think It Through

Photo credit: Marija Zaric on Unsplash
Below is another sample from my upcoming release, To Build a Vow.
As always, these unedited words are mine. Enjoy!

“Are we going to talk about it at all?”

My chest rose as I sucked in a breath through my nose. “I didn’t plan on it. Pretending it never happened seems like way more fun.”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “So, when she said ‘the path of inaction leads to despair’, that shit didn’t mean anything to you?”

I exhaled sharply. “Not tonight, Trisha. We’ll talk about it later, but please, not tonight. I just want to enjoy my family and get some rest.”

“How the hell can you rest knowing that one of the people in that truck right now might die soon?! Are you serious right now?”

I glanced behind me to see if Jeremiah had noticed Trisha’s tone getting elevated. “Can you please shut up? Yelling isn’t going to fix anything right now, and honestly what I really need to do is think this through. I have no idea what my plan is.”

Trisha huffed and turned her back to me, shoving her key in the door and throwing it open. I followed her into the house and as soon as I closed the door behind me she whirled around and poked me in the chest.

“Let me tell you something. I’m not going to sit by and watch you do nothing except tell yourself that it wasn’t real. Those two people out there are my family too and if one of them dies because you needed to ‘think it through’ I will never forgive you.”


“No! I will give you tonight, but tomorrow your ass had better give me the plan asaptually!”

I wiped away the few tears that had fallen down my face during her tirade from my eyes. “That’s not even a word, Trisha.”

“Lisa, I swear to chocolate Jewish Jesus in the manger on a balmy September night, I will fight you.”

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