My Future With Kindle Unlimited

teodor-drobota-405854-unsplashIn short, there won’t be much of one. My KU season is coming to an end. Going forward, I will be pulling all (eight) of my titles from the Kindle Unlimited program and making them available to purchase through other channels, such as Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and maybe even the library (fingers crossed on that one!).

There is a culmination of reasons why I am doing this, and a quick Google search on ‘kindle unlimited issues’ might bring some of those reasons right up. Page and rank stripping, book stuffing, poor payouts, etc. There is a lot that could be said, but for me, the main reason I’m doing this, is because when an author elects to have their book in the Kindle Unlimited program, they basically sign a contract stating that they won’t place that book for sale anywhere except on Amazon for at least three months. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, however, I have readers who don’t use Kindle, who ask me about other platforms. Not only that, but outside of a few weeks following a release, I don’t get much traffic in Kindle Unlimited. So, actually, I’m limiting myself and alienating readers, neither of which I want to do.

There are a few ways I could handle this, one being that I put a new release into KU for the first three months, then pull it from the program, and another where I wait until a month or so after release to put it in KU, but only for one season. And yet another where I don’t consider KU at all. If I don’t have enough readers in the program, it doesn’t make sense to ignore other platforms for the sake of one or two people. I have to think more on it because either way may be a hassle for readers (and myself). I have at least a couple (maybe?) more weeks to figure it out before my next release, To Build a Vow, comes out. I’ll definitely have it figured out by then, and I’ll be sure to make note of my decision on the new release post.

To those of you who only read books in KU, I completely understand. (I’m also a reader who subscribes to KU and I get it, I promise I do.) And for those of you who will continue to rock me with me regardless, thank you.

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5 thoughts on “My Future With Kindle Unlimited

  1. This is exactly what I am doing. I just turned off renewals and I’m letting them age out of Kindle Unlimited. I’ll put new releases in for the 3 month term but then not renew it. I don’t know if I plan to go wide, since I don’t actually get inquiries about other platforms but I want the ability to sell my books wherever I want if I get the opportunity.

    In my experience it’s easier to start off with Kindle Unlimited, then pull them from KU and go wide, than it is to publish wide, then pull them from EVERY out, wait to confirm they no longer exist anywhere and then put them in KU. You’ll get tons more bang for your buck because the KU readers know they only have a certain amount of time to read that book.

    I was making the majority of my money through KU but I feel my books have run their course there. There’s no reason to keep them exclusive to not make any money. I can make no money anywhere! LOL.


  2. That’s actually a really good point about which to do first. I’ve been wide before with a couple of titles, and you’re right about it being easier to pull from KU. And I hear you about the money. I’m just not at the point of success where that new release wave lasts for as long as a stint in KU does. One day, for sure, but right now? Nah, lol.


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