Lenora: His Omega Mate Up For Preorder

Wolves of West Texas - High Resolution - Book 2

The second book in the Wolves Of West Texas series is now available for preorder. Lenora: His Omega Mate is releasing December 7th, 2019. This is a paranormal romance about werewolf shifters. Click here to add it to your To Read list on Goodreads. Read book one here. Synopsis and preorder links below.


As the twin of the future alpha, Lenora was born to be the omega of her pack. It was her birthright and duty to keep the emotional balance in the Hurst pack, and it was a duty she embraced with open arms. However, ensuring everyone else’s happiness began to drain her spirit and make her long for a mate to call her own; someone who could help her decompress the way she did for others. After her brother finally accepted his position as alpha and chose his mate, she wasted no time in her quest to follow suit. Since the wolf she preferred was determined to remain unattached, the hunt was on for someone who would give her everything she had been yearning for and quell the aching loneliness of her wolf.

Adrian has been second-in-command to his best friend since the two of them were in diapers; long before either of them were known as beta or alpha of alphas. He has also been in love with his best friend’s twin sister for just as long. Although he won’t disrespect his alpha by pursuing the pack omega, watching his Nora search for a mate is slowly driving him insane. Bound by teachings of those considered more wiser than he, his fight to remain unaffected becomes increasingly difficult. Suddenly, the reasons sitting between them seem less like duty and more like torture, and before long Adrian has to decide what’s more important: loyalty or love.


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