Sample Sunday: Brunch Drunk

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An Illicit Seduction releases April 7th, 2020 which is really just a few weeks away, when you think about it. Here is a sample, a sneak peek, a lil sumn sumn to make the wait worth your while. It’s not much, as I’m trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but something is better than nothing amen? Amen.

The words below are unedited (very, very unedited), subject to change (highly subject to change), and all mine. Enjoy.

“That is one fine man!”
“Ooh girl, he wants you bad!”
“Aww, y’all are so cute!”
Shaking her head, Seraph grabbed the pitcher of mimosas and refilled her glass once more. “All three of you are fucking insane.”
Twyla leaned toward her. “Don’t be like that, friend.”
Seraph glared at Twyla. “You’re trying to get me sent to hell like I haven’t been busting my ass to earn my way back into heaven after those wild years in undergrad!”
Sierra bucked her eyes and jerked her neck back. “With all of the shit you did, there isn’t enough redemption in the Gulf of Mexico! You might as well hop on Damon’s dick and ride him to the seventh level of hell!” Continue reading “Sample Sunday: Brunch Drunk”

Coming April 7th: An Illicit Seduction

An Illicit Seduction.v2

“I can’t even see straight until I’ve had my face in between your legs.”

After a night of heavy drinking with her coworkers, Seraph succumbs to an erotic dream in where she receives pleasure beyond her wildest imagination. It’s a brand of filthy that she enjoys but something about it is simultaneously wrong, though she can’t put her finger on why. What she does know is that she can’t deny how good it feels and isn’t sure she wants it to stop.

When she awakens mid-climax, she comes face to face with a nightmare that she can’t escape. At every turn he’s there, and he won’t take no for an answer. As she is relentlessly pursued, her defenses crumble until she has no fight left in her—just as he intended.

Continue reading “Coming April 7th: An Illicit Seduction”

Thank you 2020

It didn’t feel like it, but I was busy this year. I published five projects, all which I loved. I hosted a successful author event in my hometown (Houston Loves Books), one that will hopefully see even greater success in 2020. I won a literary award for Janine (a project that I really took a leap of faith on in 2018), improved my craft by reading and heeding advice, and decided to eschew humility. That last one is probably the accomplishment I’m most proud of. I’m looking forward to my fourth year as a published author in 2020 and grateful to everyone who continues to rock with me.

Benefriends, a fun standalone about a selfless friend.
To Break a Vow, book three in the Vow series.
Coworkers, an exclusive short story for my newsletter subscribers.
Lenora: His Omega Mate, book two in the Wolves of West Texas paranormal romance series.
Holiday Honey, a Christmas-themed snack in the series.