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New Release: Benefriends

Now available!

Protected: An Early Look At Benefriends

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

New Release: Janine

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Teaser Tuesday – Janine


Now Available For Preorder

All she wanted was to taste freedom… I wrote a thing and it’s something different for me… but maybe not really. I started something two years ago, long before I even dreamt of any of my more popular titles, but I set it down until I was ready to give it what it needed it. Now… I’m ready. My next release is a paranormal … Read More Now Available For Preorder

The Week Before Forever

*This is a previously published short story, not new content. I have unpublished this title and am now only making it available on my website. This short is intended to bridge the gap between No Love Allowed and No Games Allowed, both of which are Milly’s story. Enjoy! The Week Before Forever: a Short Story   Tuesday “Don’t forget your ball Nixon.” “Oh, … Read More The Week Before Forever

New Release: The Color Spectrum

The Color Spectrum: Ebony is now live and available for purchase! Because this is a collaboration, this title will be in Kindle Unlimited and only sold on Amazon exclusively. Be sure to check out the other book in this duet, The Color Spectrum: Ivory, written by Sabrina ELB Scales!

Sample Sunday: Lunch

Hey there. Below is a teeny tiny snippet from my upcoming project, The Color Spectrum – a Duet in collaboration with Sabrina ELB Scales. It’s releasing bright and early (knock on wood) September 25th. These words are mine, unedited, and subject to change. Enjoy! He was standing maybe about six tables away, facing in my direction. I bit my lip at the beauty that … Read More Sample Sunday: Lunch

Happy Birthday Her & Them

365 days ago I published Her & Them hours before getting in the car and driving to Dallas to avoid Hurricane Harvey. A year later and I can still pick this book up and lose myself in the story as if it was my first time reading it and it warms my heart that people enjoy the story as much as I do. If … Read More Happy Birthday Her & Them


Anywhere we meet it’s guaranteed to go down… Updated purchase links for all four books can be found here.

New Release: To Build a Vow

Book 2 of The Vow Series is now live! Click the image above or the links below to purchase. NOTE: It will be available in the Kindle Unlimited program, but only for a limited time. Check out the playlist I made to coincide with the book. That post can be found here.

My Future With Kindle Unlimited

In short, there won’t be much of one. My KU season is coming to an end. Going forward, I will be pulling all (eight) of my titles from the Kindle Unlimited program and making them available to purchase through other channels, such as Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and maybe even the library (fingers crossed on that one!).