To Buy a Vow Is On Audio!


To Buy a Vow is now available in audiobook format for your listening pleasure, narrated by the amazing Denise Wallace! Use the links below to find it at your preferred retailer, or request it from your local library. If you haven’t yet read To Buy a Vow, you can find the entire Vow Series in a boxed set on Amazon here or the single title from multiple retailers here. Enjoy!

Google Play


Answers To Potential FAQs:
I) I don’t know the date that it will become available in Amazon/Audible, but once it does I’ll update this list with the direct link.
II) The price may vary depending on the retailer you select. I’ve seen anywhere from $12.99-$18.99. I can’t tell you why that is because I don’t know and I don’t have control over that.

Benefriends Is On Audio!



Did you hear? Benefriends is now available in audiobook format on Audible, Apple, and Itunes. This short, sweet, friends-to-lovers tale is just over an hour long and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Buy it for $6.95 or CLICK HERE to get Benefriends free with a 30-day, free-trial Audible membership. Be sure to leave a review and let me know what you think about hearing Shad’s words come to life.