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New Release: To Build a Vow

Book 2 of The Vow Series is now live! Click the image above or the links below to purchase. NOTE: It will be available in the Kindle Unlimited program, but only for a limited time. Check out the playlist I made to coincide with the book. That post can be found here. Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.ca

To Build a Vow: The Playlist

I often create playlists while I’m writing a book but they are usually scribbled on a piece of scrap paper as I hear the song in passing. Since I’ve gotten into Spotify recently, I decided to do an honest-to-goodness playlist that I can share. Here are the songs that I feel embody Jeremiah and Lisa’s journey in To Build a Vow. Give it a … Read More To Build a Vow: The Playlist

Sample Sunday: Did You Tell Him?

Here is another excerpt from the upcoming release To Build a Vow which is book 2 in The Vow series. These words are unedited and all mine. Enjoy! ~~~~ I was outside and halfway across the lawn when I heard my name being called. Turning around, I saw Sabrina making her way toward me. The determination on her face made me want to roll … Read More Sample Sunday: Did You Tell Him?